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Gender and Chemicals: Issues, Stakeholders, Strategies

Gender & Chemicals is a project of the MSP Institute.
The goal of this project is to increase the integration of gender in international chemicals and waste management policies and implementation.
We are aiming to raise awareness of gender aspects and to increase the participation of women’s organisations and gender experts in relevant processes, particularly the UN SAICM Beyond 2020 process (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management).

Project activities include:

Gender Analysis:

Identifying relevant questions and issues: identifying questions of gender analysis in relation to chemicals and waste management and issues relating to women and gender – e.g. in the areas of health, work, education, risk perception, and others.

Identifying relevant political processes: analysing on-going international and regional policy processes with regard to their relevance to gender and chemicals issues and identify possible entry points for strengthening the integration of gender aspects in chemicals-related policies.

Stakeholder Mapping: Mapping SAICM and other relevant international policy processes in terms of stakeholders with interest, expertise, or potential contributions on gender – organisations, networks and gender experts in various stakeholder groups.

Communication and Engagement Strategy: Based on the gender and stakeholder analyses, we are developing a communication and engagement strategy aiming to identify tools and measures that could help improve the integration of gender in the SAICM process and increase the participation of women’s organisations and gender experts.

Seeking your input and advice: We are consulting with colleagues from women’s organisations, governments, UN and other stakeholders as well as individual experts on the project activities and goals. If you’re interested in discussing gender and chemicals issues, relevant processes, research  and literature with us, please do let us know!
Contact us via info(at)map-institute.org.