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Newsletter – Winter 2021:

Webinar Series – 45min for gender in sectors

In the first half of the year we hold five brief webinars about gender equality in various chemical sectors. With this, we wanted to offer the opportunity to learn from experts and to discuss together how we can create a gender-just and chemicals safe world.
The following webinars were held:

Webinar 1: Gender & Chemicals in Toxicology, with Dr Cinzia La Rocca,
from the Center for gender-specific medicine in Rome;

Webinar 2: Gender & Chemicals in Cosmetics, with Thony Dizon from the Ecowaste Coalition Philippines;

Webinar 3: Gender & Chemicals in Science, with Laura Norton from the Royal Society of Chemistry, PhD;

Webinar 4: Gender & Chemicals in Textiles, with Alexandra Caterbow and Olga Speranskaya, PhD from HEJsupport

Webinar 5: Gender & Chemicals in Agriculture, with Elizabeth Mueni Kiio-Nzioka, Policy and Advocacy Advisor and Farmer, based in Kenya.

All webinar recordings are available online here!
The webinar series will continue next year!

Please join us again once a month for 45 minutes on gender! During the first half 2021, we want to focus on gender equality and its interconnections to the multi-sectoral world of chemistry.
Every last Tuesday at 2 pm CEST, there will be opportunities to learn from experts and discuss how we can create gender-just and chemical safe sectors.
More information, registration and all webinar recordings are available online here!

Gender Road Map + Workbook 
To minimise negative impacts of chemicals on people and the environment as chemical production increases, future chemicals management must take into account the needs and realities of life for all. To make this possible, the gender dimensions in national chemicals policy must be acknowledged and taken into account in practice.

Therefore we developed the Gender and Chemicals Road Map – a brief guidance for SAICM national focal points and an accompaying workbook. Addtionally, we will try to implement first steps in a pilot phase in Germany in 2022.

You can download the Gender and Chemicals Road Map and Workbook here.

Women and Gender at SAICM – Group

To advocate for the integration of gender and womens empowerment in the SAICM Beyond 2020 process the Women and Gender at SAICM-Group has written a joint letter to the SAICM president to deepen the discussion on the issue.

The letter can be found here

You are part of the SAICM community and want to join the ‘Women and Gender @ SAICM’ – mailing list? Just email to:

New blogs with experts and explanations

Our blog article series “How to create a gender-just healthy planet” offers new articles:
“Why men’s reproductive health needs more attention” by Pia Cimander; 
“Research Results: gender Equality and International Environmental Agreements” by Megan Kalsman;
“A new generation of equality in the world of chemistry” – Interview with Elisabeth Keuten, Member of the Generation Equality Youth Force.

Please find all articles here

Lecturing activities, workshops and engagement in the discourse on sustainable chemistry

In 2021 the MSP Institute hold the following external webinars, workshops and lectures: 

We thank all organizers for the possiblity to raise awareness on the interlinkages of gender and chemicals!

Further publications, articles and events:

Women and Chemicals – A New Series of Courses from IPEN.
 Book: Shanna H. Swan (2021): Count Down – How our Modern Word is Threatening Sperm    Counts
, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race

Thank you and happy holidays!
For healthy people and a healthy planet we need a gender-just chemicals and waste policies!
We will continue to advocate for the integration of gender in chemicals management in 2022, and will keep you informed.

Anna, Minu and Pia from the MSP Institute