webinar recording

A Gender Action Plan for the new Global Framework on Chemicals

23rd of November 2023, 4-5.30 pm CET, organized by Mexico and the MSP Institute

The recording is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_rHLO2eW2w

  • Introduction and facilitation by Minu Hemmati, MSP Institute
  • Presentations
    • Pierre Quiblier / Maria Delfina Cuglievan Wiese, SAICM / GFC Secretariat
    • Sascha Gabizon, Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF)
    • María Eugenia González Anaya, Mexico
  • Q&A with participants
  • Discussing structure and activities of a future GAP   – all
  • Closing – by Minu Hemmati, MSP Institute

In September 2023, the 5th International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM5) in Bonn, Germany, adopted the new Global Framework on Chemicals (GFC, formerly SAICM), which includes gender equality as a principle of the new framework. In addition, a resolution entitled “Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective and Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of All Women and Girls in Chemicals and Waste Management” was adopted which the Secretariat, with the participation of interested stakeholders, to develop a gender action plan for consideration by the Conference at its next session to advance towards full, equal and meaningful participation by all women in decision-making, and to promote gender-responsive policies and mainstreaming a gender perspective in the implementation of the framework.

Objectives: In this webinar, speakers will present SAICM’s gender activities to date, provide examples of Gender Action Plans in other international environmental policy processes, and discuss with participants first ideas for the structure and activities of a future Gender Action plan for the Global Framework on Chemicals.      

You can download the presentation here:

The brainstorming result on the mural board can be downloaded here: